Logo Rationale




The Ireka logo consists of three key elements: the logo mark, the logotype and the colours.




The lines that flow down the circle symbolise the company's association with highway construction, while the two lines at the base represent tree roots that are firmly embedded in solid ground, signifying Ireka's firm foundation. The glow in the heart of the logo embodies Ireka's visionary strength at the core of its business.



Ireka's logotype is a modified version of Frutiger, which is in Sans Serif to signify modernity.



Ireka's corporate colours of red and grey reflect the company's brand personality: red to signify energy and grey to represent their traits of quiet elegance and being uncomplicated and transparent. Together, they collaborate to portray Ireka's brand values - integrity, visionary and entrepreneurial.








In Ireka, we strive to create and unlock value, be it tangible or otherwise, in all areas of our businesses through a unique combination of complementary capabilities and innovative solutions. This brand promise to unlock values is best symbolised by the design device which resembles a ‘door’.